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3 Signs It's Time for AC Repair

3 Signs It's Time for AC Repair

Winter will be here soon, and it's unlikely that most people living in the Cleveland area will be turning their AC on again before next year. Still, now is a good time to have any necessary AC repair performed in the Cleveland area. Not only does AC service tend to be cheaper now than it will be in the spring, but it's also a lot easier to find an HVAC specialist this time of year. For homeowners who are unsure whether or not they're in need of AC repair, there are some potential signs that it may be time.

Increased Cooling Costs

Homeowners should have a good general idea of how much they spend on their heating and cooling throughout the year. If this summer's cooling costs seemed higher than usual, this could be a sign that the AC isn't running as efficiently as it should be. This may be caused by a bad part or other minor problem. By having any necessary repairs done, the unit may run more efficiently and save homeowners money.

Lack of Cool Air

If the AC seems to be running fine but the air blowing out isn't as cool as it once was, then it may be time to call an HVAC professional. Specifically, this could be a problem with the AC's refrigerant. Levels could be too low (which is an easy enough fix), or there could be a more serious issue with the unit's compressor. Either way, this is something that should be addressed sooner rather than later, as the problem will only worsen otherwise.

Strange Noises

For homes with central air, the unit itself is probably located outside near the back or side of the house. As a result, it may not become obvious when there is a problem because strange noises may not be heard from inside. This is why it's a good idea for homeowners to spend some time outside and become familiar with how the AC unit should sound. Any strange noises need to be checked out right away by an HVAC professional.

AC maintenance and repair may not be the most important thing on Cleveland-area homeowners' minds right now, but having any necessary repairs done now will save a lot of hassle and stress come spring. Homeowners should call an HVAC company if any of the above signs have been present.

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