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4 Telltale Signs that Its Time for a New Furnace

4 Telltale Signs that Its Time for a New Furnace

A reliable heating system will enable Cleveland homeowners to create a comfortable and relaxing home environment despite weather conditions on the outside. A good heating system also uses less energy and helps improve air quality inside a home. When a home’s furnace lacks the ability to meet a family’s heating needs, it may be time for a replacement. By consulting a reputable heating repair service in Cleveland, homeowners can get a better idea of how their furnace fares in meeting their heating needs. Here are a few telltale signs that a new furnace may be in order.

Furnace Age

Like most household appliances, furnaces have an average lifespan for optimum performance which is generally 16-20 years. A furnace that’s older than 20 years cannot be expected to perform at top capacity and may even pose a threat to the home environment. By keeping track of the age of their furnace, homeowners can budget for a replacement in advance rather than wait until their unit begins to have serious problems.  

Rise in Energy Bills

Even a well maintained furnace can lose its efficiency with age. An old furnace will need to work harder to keep a home warm, resulting in higher energy costs. Rather than spend money on higher energy bills,  homeowners can invest those funds in a new furnace and benefit from improved services at lower costs.

Uneven Temperatures throughout the Home

A home’s thermostat should enable a homeowner to adjust inside temperatures evenly throughout the interior environment. An old furnace, however, may have difficulty distributing airflow to keep temperatures at the proper level. As a result, temperatures may be cold in some areas of the home and hot in others, despite thermostat settings. Uneven temperatures could be a sign that a furnace is faltering in providing the heating services homeowners need.

Constant Furnace Repairs

As a furnace ages, it often requires more maintenance and repair, especially within the last 2 years of its lifespan. Over time, homeowners may be spending more money on maintenance than the product is worth. Homeowners may also find it difficult to find essential replacement parts for older furnaces, making it more trouble than it’s worth. Having to wait on replacement parts to fix a faulty furnace in the middle of a winter storm can be a chilling, and dangerous experience.

Investing in a new, energy efficient furnace ensures homeowners get the quality heating services their home needs.

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