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5 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Those experiencing plumbing issues are certainly not alone. The average person depends on reliable plumbing systems every day, and the sheer demand placed on these systems is enough for them to go periodically faulty. The following lists the five most common plumbing emergencies that can occur in a home.

Blocked Sinks

Everyone knows the feeling of having to deal with a sink whose water levels won’t go down due to a clogged drain. Having to deal with a mountain of dirty dishes, glasses, and utensils is a considerable task by itself, and augmenting the difficulty of the situation with a blocked drain is hardly welcome. When a sink drain initially becomes clogged, there’s no necessary need to call a plumber. However, in cases where the blockage becomes severe and shows no sign of being aided from the use of a plunger, contacting an emergency plumbing service in Cleveland is the recommended solution.

Blocked Toilets

Though no one will readily admit it, everyone has experienced a clogged toilet at one point in their lives. A toilet is the most frequently used fixture in a home, and homeowners require access to a properly flushing toilet at all times. If a toilet is blocked, leaking, or emitting strange noises, there might be some DIY steps that homeowners can take upon themselves. However, if the situation persists, it’s advised that homeowners call a professional plumber to analyze the situation in order to prevent structural damage or raw sewage build up that may potentially lead to health hazards.

Leaking Water Heater

A leaking water heater can lead to a lot of unnecessary money wasted on having heated water, aside from causing considerable property damage. In these cases, a water heater valve is easily replaceable. However, if the wall of the water heater has entirely rusted, homeowners may need to purchase a brand new water heater to solve the issue.

Leaking Faucets

Leaking faucets are among the most common reasons why homeowners seek the services of a professional plumber. The mere annoyance that comes with the constant dripping of a leaky faucet alone doesn't necessarily drive homeowners to call a professional, but a leaky faucet can significantly increase water bills over time. In addition, a leaky faucet can lead to the formation of rust and mold around the area of the faucet.

Burst Pipes

As pipes freeze and thaw, their structure is inevitably weakened, leading to the possibility of exposed pipes bursting if left unchecked for too long. This is a predicament that can’t be helped by the efforts of the average do-it-yourselfer — a licensed professional must be contacted in order to completely replace the pipe if necessary.

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