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Call a Plumber to Make Water Go Where it's Supposed To

Call a Plumber to Make Water Go Where it's Supposed To

Waking up to the sound of water gushing out of a burst pipe is always jarring. This, however, is just one scenario that results in the need for emergency plumbing service in Cleveland. Therefore, plumbers make sure that they can handle a wide variety of problems that need to be fixed right away. Here are the top two times of jobs they get called for on an emergency basis:

Stopping Unwanted Water From Causing a Flood

It's easy to tell where rogue water is coming from if a pipe has burst. After all, it's hard to miss a gusher! The job gets harder when the problem comes in the form of a relatively slow leak. Someone in a house might see drips coming from the ceiling and have no idea where they really originate. Water tends to travel far from the source of a leak thanks to the way it follows even the slightest slant. Fortunately, plumbers can track it to its source using their knowledge of fluid dynamics.

Once the source of the water is found, repairs can be made. This typically requires replacing the failed section of pipe or redoing a leaky joint. However, if the pipes are in the ceiling or behind walls, the barrier may need to be removed in order to get to them.

Forcing Backed-Up Water to Go Out

This project arises when drains get clogged. Sinks are the most likely to clog because they have small outgoing pipes. They're also exposed to the type of debris that is most likely to attract even more debris: Hair, grease, and small items that have fallen into them. Typically, a sink drain clog grows over time, so the sink will first drain slowly and only stop up completely a long time later. This gives people plenty of advance warning to use to call a plumber.

Toilets, on the other hand, tend to clog up suddenly. They have big pipes that are made to be able to handle solids, so they work great the majority of the time. However, if a large, unflushable item gets into them and someone tries to flush anyway, outgoing water flow can stop in an instant. Because of this, clogged toilets are more likely to become emergency plumbing issues than stopped-up sinks.

While these are the two main categories of emergency plumbing problems, they aren't the only ones. Plumbers can handle pretty much any job on an emergency basis.

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