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Dangerous Issues That May Occur Due to Faulty Air Conditioning

Dangerous Issues That May Occur Due to Faulty Air Conditioning

Faulty air conditioning isn't just unpleasant. Faulty air conditioning can be actively hazardous, depending on how it fails and how long it goes without repair. Those who experience issues with their air conditioning may want to be on the look out for the following illnesses.

Constant or Persistent Sickness

Having a constant flu or flu-like symptoms may be the result of poor air quality within a home. Residents who are constantly sick due may be exposed to mold and other toxins through the air conditioning system. Though this may begin as an ordinary sickness, it can quickly progress to a lung disease. This is especially true for more toxic variants of mold -- and it tends to impact the elderly and the young disproportionately.

Fire Hazards

Air conditioners, just like any other appliance, can cause electrical fires. When there's an electrical smell -- an "ozone" smell -- or a smoke smell, there could be a fire emerging within the air conditioner itself. At this point, the entire system should be turned off and the proper authorities should be called. With a central HVAC system, both the heater and the air conditioner should be checked to ensure that the property is safe.

Water Damage

When air conditioning systems begin to break down, they tend to leak. High humidity can also exacerbate this problem. Water damage can be hazardous and harmful in many ways: it can be a tripping hazard, may lead to electrocution, and will often grow mold. Leaking air conditioning systems should be repaired as soon as possible because of this issue. Any accumulated water should also be cleaned right away, before it has a chance to become harmful.

Those who experience any of the symptoms or issues listed above should immediately consult with their doctor. An emergency air conditioning repair in Cleveland may also be able to test air quality within the property and determine whether there's an issue that needs to be immediately fixed. Air quality can have a substantial impact on any individual's health -- and air conditioning and heating systems have significant control over air quality.

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