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Dealing With a Broken AC Unit on a Hot Day

Dealing With a Broken AC Unit on a Hot Day

It's every homeowner's worst nightmare: having their airconditioning unit stop working on one of the hottest days of theyear. Unfortunately, it happens to hundreds of homeowners each year,leaving occupants of these households stuck dealing with thesweltering heat. For this reason, it's always a good idea forhomeowners to know what steps they should follow in the event thattheir air conditioning units stop working in the middle of a hotsummer day.

Circulate Air as Much as Possible

As soon as the AC kicks out, the most important thing is to makethe most out of the cool air that remains in the home. This meanstaking the time to ensure that all windows are closed and that fansare circulating. It can also be helpful to shut the doors to variousrooms in the home, particularly rooms that aren't often used. 

Cover Windows During the Day

At night, temperatures may drop enough that it makes more sense toopen the windows and get a nice cross breeze going throughout thehome rather than keeping them closed. However, as soon as the suncomes back up, it's generally best to close the windows and coverthem up with thick sheets, towels, or blackout curtains. This isespecially important for windows facing the sun. The fewer rays thatmake their way into the home, the less the indoor temperature willrise.

Make Creative Use of Ice Cubes

For those who have access to large box fans or stand-uposcillating fans, it's a good idea to place a tub of ice behind oneof these fans. This way, the cool air coming from the ice will beblown into the space, creating a cooling effect for those nearby.Keep the ice cool for as long as possible by placing it in a foamcooler.

Contact an HVAC Professional

Of course, it's also wise to contact an emergency air conditioningrepair company that services the Cleveland area. Many of thesecompanies are able to respond same-day to these types of calls, sothis can be a great way to get one's AC back up and running in notime. By having a reliable HVAC professional come out to the home,it's possible to reduce the amount of time spent without airconditioning and thus reduce the suffering in the process!

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