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Dealing With a Burst Pipe in the Home

Dealing With a Burst Pipe in the Home

Dealing with plumbing emergencies in the home is never anenjoyable experience. Still, a plumbing mishap can occur at any time,which is why it's so important for homeowners to know which steps tofollow in order to minimize damage. One of the most common plumbingemergencies is that of burst pipes. There are a few things allhomeowners should know to do in the event that this occurs within thehome.

Collect Falling Water

More than likely, the first sign of a burst pipe will be waterleaking from a ceiling or other part of the home. To minimize waterdamage, it's important to immediately put down a bucket or othercontainer for catching the water. If the water is causing the ceilingto bulge, it may be necessary to drill a hole in the ceiling to allowthe water to leak through and alleviate weight that could otherwisecause the ceiling to fall in.

Shut Off Water Supply

The next necessary step is to shut off the water supply to thehome. Typically, the water shut-off valve is connected to a home'swater heater, so homeowners should locate the shut-off valve and turnit clockwise to close it. In some instances, the shut-off may belocated at a main outside the home, so it's important for homeownersto be aware of where to find theirs.

Call an Emergency Plumber

Next, it's time to contact a plumber who specializes in emergencyplumbing service in the Cleveland area. This will be especiallyimportant for those who may be experiencing burst pipes outside ofregular business hours, on a holiday, or during the weekend when atraditional plumber may simply not be available to help. An emergencyplumber should be able to come out to the home within the hour toprovide the necessary repairs.

File a Home Insurance Claim

Even with quick action from homeowners, it's still possible thatwater damage could occur due to burst pipes. If this is the case, itmay be necessary to file a home insurance claim. In order to file aclaim, many insurance companies will require proof of the damage,including a repair estimate from a plumber and photos of the damageas well. It's important to document the damage properly in order toensure that the claims process goes as smoothly as possible.

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