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Electric vs. Gas Heating Units for Cleveland Homes

Electric vs. Gas Heating Units for Cleveland Homes

Electric heaters and gas furnaces will both reliably heat a home-- but there are some major differences in price and maintenance.Homeowners looking to replace their current heating unit may want toconsider the pros and cons of each before making a decision.

The Purchase Price of Gas vs. Electric Heaters

Gas furnaces tend to be more expensive to purchase than electricheaters. Though there is a price range for both options, homeownersshould expect to pay about twice as much for a gas furnace. Gasfurnaces have to be naturally more complex than electric heatersbecause they are working with a flammable and potentially dangeroussubstance. In order to ensure that they are safe, gas furnaces aredesigned out of more expensive components.

The Operating Cost of Gas vs. Electric Heaters

Gas heaters are far less expensive than electric heaters tooperate. As natural gas prices have steadily gone down, these priceshave become even more affordable. On the other hand, if natural gasprices rise, the difference between gas and electric heaters may godown. In areas that have a steady supply of natural gas, gas heaterswill likely pay for themselves within a few years.

The Efficiency of Gas vs. Electric Heaters

Many homeowners are used to thinking of electric devices as moreefficient. As an example, electric cars are considered to be far moreenvironmentally friendly than gas-powered cars. With heating systems,the opposite is true. Gas heaters tend to be more efficient and lessenvironmentally harmful than electric heaters. This is because thenatural gas is used to create heat directly. When it comes to asignificant amount of electric output, both coal and natural gas areoften used to produce electricity, while the electricity is thendistributed and used for heating.

The Maintenance of Gas vs. Electric Heaters

Gas furnace maintenance is more complex and thus more costly thanan electric heater. And though it's not usually significantly moreexpensive to maintain each year, the maintenance is more criticalbecause it deals directly with the natural gas line. For mosthomeowners, the cost of maintenance on their gas furnace will beoutweighed by their savings. Both gas furnaces and electric heatersshould have approximately the same lifespan. 

When contacting a professional for heating repair in Cleveland,it's possible for a homeowner to ask them whether they have anopinion on what is best for their home. There are some situations inwhich either an electric heater or gas furnace might not be ideal,such as a home that does not have appropriate gas hookups. 

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