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Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Signs Homeowners Should Look Out For

As with any facet of home improvement, it is tempting for homeowners to take care of any issues their air conditioning system is experiencing themselves. However, while there are certain minor AC issues that homeowners can tend to themselves, the inherent complexity of an air conditioning system’s functionality demands the contacting of experienced professionals when any serious issues are observed. Not all homeowners are equipped with the knowledge to identify these issues as they arise, which is why all Cleveland residents should be aware of the emergency air conditioning repair signs their systems give them.

Ice Formations on the Evaporator Coil

When ice is observed along the evaporator coil (or anywhere else on or in an air conditioning system), the opinion of a licensed professional should be sought immediately. This is normally an indicator that the evaporator coil is unable to take in a sufficient amount of heat. There are many causes that can lead to ice forming on the evaporator coil, such as a blocked air filter, loss of refrigerant, or an excessive buildup of grime around the coil. These situations demand immediate repair, since the initial formation of ice means that ice will continue to grow until an air conditioning system’s cooling power is lost entirely.

Circuit Breakers are Often Tripped

If the home’s circuit breakers begin to trip when the compressor comes on, this is a sign of an electrical system emergency. Faulty electrical connections might be the root of the issue, or the problem might be coming from the compressor. Either way, it’s important for consumers to hold off on making any concrete judgments themselves, and seek the opinion of a licensed AC repair technician to find out what is wrong with the system.

Loud, Strange Noises Coming From the System

Most air conditioning systems emit a distinct hum as they are operating, which is no immediate sign for concern. However, an early indicator that an air conditioning system is experiencing issues is any strange noise that disrupts the system’s steady hum. There are two noises consumers should typically look out for: abrasive grinding noises and distinct hissing sounds. The former case is a potential indicator of motor issues. In extreme cases, grinding noises indicate that a compressor has been burned out, which is one of the most serious air conditioning repair calls can make, and might result in having to have the entire unit replaced if the issue is not promptly dealt with. The hissing noise, meanwhile, indicates that gas may be escaping from the tank or that the refrigerant is leaking. Leaking refrigerant can cause a significant dip in cooling power and may threaten the stability of the entire system.

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