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Extreme Heat Health Problems and Symptoms

Extreme Heat Health Problems and Symptoms

The Buckeye State isn't known as one of the warmest parts ofAmerica, but it still becomes quite hot at times. Temperatures canexceed 90 degrees and occasionally reach 100 F. Sadly, severe heatkills approximately 40 Cleveland residents each year. Locals canbenefit from learning the symptoms of related healthconditions.


A person may developserious medical problems if heat exhaustion isn't addressed promptlyand correctly. The symptoms range from mild to moderately severe.They include pale skin, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, cramps inmuscles, headaches and excessive sweat. An individual with heatexhaustion may also faint.

Heat Rash

One of theless serious conditions involves an itchy skin irritation. This rashprimarily affects children, but some adults also experience it. Theailment can be identified by looking for tiny reddish blisters. Theyoften appear on the chest, neck, elbow, stomach or under breasts.Less humidity and a lower temperature can help alleviate this rash,according to the Centers for Disease Control.


Ohioans may experience spasms or pains in theirmuscles if they exert themselves heavily in hot weather. Such crampsoccur because the body loses too much salt and water when peopleproduce considerable amounts of sweat. This condition primarilyaffects abdominal, arm and leg muscles. People can avoid it byminimizing outdoor work and thoroughly cooling indoor fitnessareas.

Heat Stroke

An individual can die if heor she experiences heat stroke and doesn't obtain immediate medicalattention. Body temperatures often reach or exceed 103 degrees whenthis occurs. Skin may become red or grayish in color, and the personcould lose consciousness. Other potential symptoms include dizziness,confusion, headache, convulsions, nausea, fatigue and a fastheartbeat.


Anyone can suffer fromtemperature-related illnesses, especially when working outdoors onhot days. Nonetheless, some Ohio residents are particularlysusceptible to these medical problems. They include babies, childrenunder five years old, overweight people and seniors. Some individualshave chronic health conditions that put them at a greater risk.Certain prescription drugs have the same effect.

WhenOhioans experience health problems due to extreme heat, they benefitfrom resting and gaining adequate hydration. Medical attention may ormay not prove necessary. Fans don't offer sufficient cooling toprevent such illnesses at high temperatures. Locals can stay cool bycontacting an HVAC firm that offers emergency air conditioning repairin Cleveland.

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