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Get These Furnace Problems Fixed Before Total Breakdown Happens

Get These Furnace Problems Fixed Before Total Breakdown Happens

It's obvious that it's time for furnace service in Cleveland ifthe furnace doesn't work at all. However, it's better if servicetakes place before that happens. That way, there's no need for anexpensive emergency service call. There will also be less downtimesince the furnace will be working except for the short time it isactually being serviced. Here are some signs that a call is in order:

The Furnace Keeps Shutting Down for No Apparent Reason

This problem arises mostly with old furnaces. The likely cause isthe progressive failure of one of the machine's safety mechanisms.When the furnace is turned back on, the mechanism is reset, allowingit to run for a while longer. However, as time goes on, the problemgets worse and worse. Eventually it won't go on at all. This isn'tbecause the furnace has really become unsafe, but because a failedsafety mechanism always defaults to "off" so that unsafeconditions can't arise.

There are several safety mechanisms in a furnace, so checking justone might not reveal a problem. A qualified tech knows which ones arepresent on a furnace of a specific vintage and will likely check allof them before making repair recommendations.

The Hot Air Isn't Very Hot

Problems with the blower motor and the duration of active firingboth can cause the furnace to blow air that isn't as hot as it shouldbe. The next step can be the blowing of cold air, but it's morelikely that the furnace will stop blowing any air at all.

The Hot Air is Coming Out Way Too Hot

If this is happening, it's almost certain that the blower motorneeds service or the filter is clogged. Both of these problemsdrastically cut airflow through the firebox, allowing the air to getsuperheated before it finally goes into the distribution ducts. Getthis fixed as soon as possible – the heat can reach dangerouslevels. This problem also makes the furnace less efficient becausethe air blows out too weakly to actually do its job.

The Furnace Runs Constantly

Furnaces that never cycle off have become inefficient. Have ittuned up to save plenty of energy and to prevent excess wear on themachine.

These are just some of the signs that a furnace is on its way to aserious breakdown. Having it fixed right away helps to ensure thatcatastrophic trouble doesn't arise at an inconvenient time.

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