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Healthy Home

Healthy Home Before & After

Can you spot the improvements made to the house from Before to After?

How Your Home Can Be a Healthy Home

Inside every house, there’s a healthy home waiting to come out. What’s a healthy home? A healthy home is a comfortable, safe place for you and your family. A quiet refuge that warms you like a blanket on the coldest of nights—and keeps you cool and comfortable during the dog days of summer. One that provides pure water wherever you need it, to nourish your hair, skin and body.

Its equipment is of the highest industry standards to provide you a safe haven at all times, as well as protect and enhance your investment. And it is efficient to help you save energy and your hard-earned dollars while conserving our precious natural resources. You’ll find a wealth of information right here on our web site about the many products and services we offer. To make your house a healthy home, contact the professionals at Gorjanc Comfort Services today for a free consultation and estimate. We look forward to serving you!

Keeping your Home Healthy

Many of the appliances and building elements within your home have lifespans too. Appliances and home fixtures such as water heaters, furnaces, air conditioning units, and plumbing will need eventual replacement. We have included a chart showing the typical lifespan of many of the appliances and features within your home. Gorjanc Comfort Services can provide an estimate of the cost to update or renovate these home fixtures.

Household Fixtures and Products

Average Lifespan

 Furnace  20 years
 Central Air Conditioning  6 to 10 years
 Water Heater  8 to 15 years
 Plumbing  30 to 60 years
 Garbage Disposal  5 to 10 years
 Trash Compactor  7 to 12 years
 Bathroom Sink  10-plus years
 Faucets  8 to 12 years
 Toilet Mechanism  5 to 10 years
 Stove  15 to 25 years
 Dishwasher  7 to 12 years
 Refrigerator  10 to 18 years
 Washer  10 to 12 years
 Dryer  10 to 15 years
 Outdoor Paint  4 to 7 years
 Asphalt Shingle Roof  15 to 18 years
 Tile Roof  40-plus years

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