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Home Energy Audit Can Save on Natural Gas Bills and Upgrades

Dominion East Ohio Offers It for $50 and Gives Rebates on Repairs

The Home Performance With Energy Star program is a valuable resource for homeowners looking to save energy dollars now and into the future. It does this by having a certified auditor perform a series of tests to your home to determine where you are leaking energy dollars through poorly insulated ceilings and walls, or leaking energy dollars through cracks, hidden holes or chases in your homes construction. A chase is a chute that runs from the conditioned part of your house to an unconditioned part, say from your basement to your attic or crawl space.

The auditor can spend up to four hours performing the blower door test. This test is done by closing all windows and doors in a house, except one exterior door. That doorway is sealed with the blower door test instrument which pressurizes the house to detect any leaks or cracks where conditioned air can be leaking out of your house, wasting your energy dollars.

Healthy Home: Before & AfterThis part of the audit is looking at your house as an “envelope.” The envelope is how well your house keeps in the conditioned air that you’ve spent good money to heat, clean and humidify in the winter time or dehumidify, clean and cool in the summertime.

The second part of this audit is to determine the efficiency of your major appliances and how efficiently they use your energy dollars. Older equipment is typically less efficient and uses more gas or electricity to run. While newer equipment containing the EnergyStar label has been tested and certified to deliver results while using less energy.

Once the audit has been performed, homeowners can qualify for the following rebates when they are installed by a certified GoodCents contractor (like Gorjanc Comfort Services).

Natural Gas Furnace Up to $400
Natural Gas Boiler Up to $300
Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater, Condensing Water Heater, Storage Water Heater Up to $150
Insulation, Attic, Wall and Duct $.30 per Square Foot
Windows and Exterior Doors $5 per window, $30 per door

Acting on the recommendations of the auditor is up to the homeowner. If you do nothing, your cost is $50 for the audit report. You can receive a free carbon monoxide detector or you can have your $50 refunded if you make one of the audit’s recommended improvements. But if you want to take advantage of Dominion’s rebates, you must use a contractor who has been certified by GoodCents (the Dominion East Ohio administrator).

To find out more information regarding the Home Performance With Energy Star program, call us at (440) 449-4411 or click here.

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