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Home Prep for Winter Climes

Home Prep for Winter Climes

Summer’s end signals the beginning of cool weather in moststates across the country. In Cleveland, Ohio, homeowners recognizethe importance of “winterizing” their home in preparation forcold weather to come.  Here are a few tasks that could fallunder the home prep category.

Reseal Windows and Doors

Leaks in windows and doors can cause warm air to escape, making ahome’s heating system work harder to keep the home warm. Byresealing windows and doors, homeowners can avoid this problem andenjoy a warmer interior environment. Homeowners can use caulkingor weather stripping to seal these areas so cold drafts stay out andwarm air stays in. An airtight home is an energy efficient home.

Clean out Home Gutters

Over the summer, a home’s gutters can become clogged with allkinds of debris, leaves, dirt and grime, making it difficult forrainwater to filter through. If not uncluttered, rainwater can backup onto the roof and eventually leak into the home, causing waterdamage. In cold weather, ice and snow can clog up the drainagesystem, causing water seepage into the home. Homeowners can avoidpaying good money to fix leaks and water damage by cleaning outgutters before cold weather sets in.

Maintain Home Furnace

As summer comes to an end, homeowners need to start thinking abouttheir furnace and the maintenance it needs in preparation for winter.Home furnaces should be cleaned out at least once a year and fall isa good time to get this done. Homeowners should take care of anyheating repair work in Cleveland way before winter comes. Sedimentbuildup in a furnace can cause the system to malfunction or not workas effectively as it could. Furnace inspection and cleaning willensure the system works well when homeowners need it most. Homeownersshould also remember to change their filter often during winter tomaintain good air flow.

Clean out Heating Ducts

Heating ducts are yet another task that homeowners should tacklebefore cold weather sets in. Homeowners can lose a lot of heatthrough their central heating system if the ducts are clogged withdust, dirt and grime. By having heating ducts inspected and cleanedat the onset of fall, homeowners can enjoy a warm home environmentall winter long.

Homeowners who take the time to prep their home for wintersafeguard their property and keep it cozy and warm.

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