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How Regular Maintenance Prevents the Need for Emergency Repairs

How Regular Maintenance Prevents the Need for Emergency Repairs

Uh-oh! Looks the air conditioner has finally gone kaput. There had been warning signs. It seemed that each time the AC turned on, it was whining or squealing. It also seemed like it took nearly twice as long as it used to for a room to get cool. The AC was also just noisier in general.

However, whether because of a busy schedule or a tight budget, a homeowner ignored their air conditioning issues. Now they’re in big trouble, because right when they need their AC the most, it’s not working. If the weather is sweltering outside, the family can’t go without AC. Ice cream cones and oscillating fans can only do so much.

Luckily, in these situations, there’s emergency air conditioning repair companies in Cleveland, Ohio. These companies may have emergency hours so they’re available when a homeowner needs them.

However, AC repair can be pricy. If a homeowner was already on a budget, having to shell out cash for a repair or even a replacement unit could be the last thing they want. How can they prevent this situation from happening again?

Regular AC maintenance is key to prolonging the life of the unit. Ask the repair technician about scheduling maintenance once or twice a year with this Cleveland AC repair company. A homeowner can also do their part when it comes to maintenance. Make sure dust, dirt, and grime does not accumulate on the top of the air conditioner. In the fall, go outside and remove leaves that may be stuck in or near the AC unit. Before winter comes, invest in a tarp that can protect the AC’s delicate parts if it snows.

Once the spring and summer arrive, it’s probably time for another professional tune-up. Still, a homeowner’s job isn’t done. They should look and listen for any trouble with their AC unit. For example, is the unit chugging and making a lot of noise as it kicks on or off as mentioned above? That’s not a good sign. It means something is causing the air conditioner to strain. Is the house not as cool anymore? Again, not good.

Instead of pretending these small issues aren’t indicative of a larger problem, a homeowner should contact an AC repair company at the first sign of trouble. These repairs are often smaller and thus not as expensive. To learn more about Cleveland AC repair, call or email today.

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