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How to Beat Summer Heat on a Budget

How to Beat Summer Heat on a Budget

Smart homeowners will be prepared for the climate changes thatcome with each season. By keeping their HVAC system in top condition,homeowners need not worry that it will falter in the middle of asnowstorm or during the heat of summer. Homeowners who keep up withtheir AC repair in Cleveland  will have little troubletransitioning from winter to summer. Here are a few tips thatcan help homeowners beat summer heat without crashing their budget.

Keep Thermostat Slightly Up

As homeowners start using their AC for summer, they should settheir thermostat at different temperatures to see where they feel themost comfortable. Gradual changes in temperature can make adifference in energy costs over the long haul.  By keeping thethermostat a bit higher than normal, the AC won’t run as much,saving homeowners money. On cool nights, homeowners can turn the ACoff altogether and open the home to cool breezes to lower energycosts.

Handling Humidity

Humidity can make temperatures feel even hotter than they reallyare. A good AC system can help dehumidify a home’s interior whilemaintaining a comfy, cool environment for the family. By keeping thesystem running during periods of high humidity, homeowners can enjoya more comfortable home setting.


AC systems need regular maintenance and repair to keep themworking at top capacity. The end of spring is a good time to have anyAC repair work done in preparation for hot weather during summer. ACmaintenance may include testing and cleaning the system, cleaning airducts and repairing or replacing worn parts. Preventative maintenancecan go a long ways towards extending the lifespan of a unit andkeeping it working properly all summer long.

Tag-Team Fans with AC

Homeowners can enjoy a cooler home environment by combining theuse of ceiling fans with their AC unit. Ceiling fans will keep coolair circulating in different parts of the home. With the use of fans,homeowners may even be able to raise their thermostat one or twodegrees higher, reducing AC usage and its energy consumption.  Byexperimenting with tag-teaming (AC + fans), homeowners can see whatworks to keep their home at a comfortable level.

These are just a few tips that can help homeowners maintain theirhomes comfortable and cool during summer without overworking their ACunit or overextending their budget.

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