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How to Control Winter Heating Bills

How to Control Winter Heating Bills

When cold weather sets in, home heating bills rise. But with a few smart moves, you can cut your heating bills this winter. A combination of your diligence and some help from the professionals can keep your energy bills in check.

Take a look at your hot water tank.

Consider raising the tank’s thermostat a few degrees. Even a two or three degree adjustment will make a big dent in your heating bills and you likely won’t notice the difference when you take your shower or bath. If you go on vacation, you can lower it even more and re-set it when you return.

Insulate the tank.

You can purchase a fitted hot water tank cover from a hardware store, online or call your service professional. The less work required to keep the water hot, the lower your heating bill will be.

Get a home energy review.

A home energy assessment by a certified professional will tell you where you should put your winterization dollars. If heat is escaping from your house, the home energy review will tell you that, as well.  Don’t wait until the first snowfall to schedule yours. The colder it gets, the busier the schedule gets for the home energy reviewer.

Clean your furnace.

The furnace filter should be replaced every six months at the bare minimum but check it every three months to see if yours needs to be replaced more often. 

Visually inspect the furnace ducts.

If you notice any leakage or loose connections, contact a professional HVAC company to have your ductwork corrected.

Get a furnace maintenance check.

If your furnace is over 10 years old or if it’s acting up, it’s wise to make an appointment for furnace service in Cleveland to get a cleaning and maintenance check. Upon request, they can also provide you with an efficiency report and tell you the general condition of your furnace.

Inspect older windows.

Older windows could be a major culprit of heat loss.  Seal any cracks with either insulation foam strips or a full windowplastic coating. Your hardware store will offer a selection from which to choose. If your windows need to be replaced, then by all means, make the investment. The cost savings over time will eventually offset the expense.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much money you can save on your energy bills when you take these simple steps and how much more comfortable your home will be.

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