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Measuring Furnace Efficiency Allows People to Obtain Furnace Service in Cleveland

Measuring Furnace Efficiency Allows People to Obtain Furnace Service in Cleveland

As the cold wind starts to blow about in the late fall, people will be removing their window air conditioners and turning on their furnaces. Yet they may also be dreading the high energy bills that always come during the winter months. Understanding the annual fuel utilization efficiency rating for the furnace provides a snapshot of how well the furnace operates. Then homeowners can seek furnace service in Cleveland to make their equipment run optimally to lower their energy bills.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency Rating

The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating is a ratio that comprises on how much heat a furnace will produce annually based on the annual amount of energy it uses. The more heat a furnace makes while using less fuel will give the furnace a higher rating. If the furnace uses up a lot of fuel yet there is very little heat output, it will have a lower percentage. Homeowners want to invest in a furnace with the highest rating possible. Then they can see a reduction in their energy costs while providing a comfortable environment for all the occupants inside their home.

Manufacturers must include the AFUE on all new furnaces to meet the requirements set by the Federal Trade Commission. Furnaces that have a rating of 90% or higher are considered high-efficiency. Furnaces that are mid-efficiency will have a rating between 80% and 83%. Older furnaces will have the lowest AFUE ratio of 70% or below.

Annual Inspection and Furnace Service in Cleveland

For homeowners who have an old or worn furnace that raises their utility bills, it is often in their best interest to retrofit their old unit with newer equipment or to replace their furnace with a higher efficiency model. Obtaining furnace service in Cleveland will allow them to understand the AFUE rating and their options. They can decide on the best course of action based on the type of unit they need to heat their home. Also, the homeowner can figure out their budget to help them decide it they should go with a retrofit or just purchase a new furnace.

Homeowners should also take a closer look at the ductwork and building envelope of their homes. Leaky ductwork, as well as cracks around windows and exterior doors, can allow heat to escape and cold air to infiltrate. This issue increases the amount of fuel the furnace uses as it must work harder to warm the interior of the home. By taking all these factors into consideration, people can be comfortable in their homes during the winter without high heating bills.


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