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Preparing the AC for Winter for an Easier Spring

Preparing the AC for Winter for an Easier Spring

As the winter months approach, it's time to get ready for the cold weather ahead. This means preparing the air conditioning system in one's home for several months of hibernation. When the unit is properly maintained, this will avoid the need for AC repair in Cleveland, Ohio when the weather gets warm again in the spring.

Preparing for Winter

While an HVAC professional will be able to provide routine maintenance to an outdoor air conditioning unit, homeowners can do a number of things to get ready for the upcoming cold. It's important to remove any yard debris away from the unit, and find a cover that fits the outdoor unit snugly. During harsh weather conditions, it is possible that a poorly fitting cover will come right off. Consider using rope to tie down the cover if it doesn't fit perfectly.

Call for Servicing

To get an air conditioner ready for winter, it's important to call and have the unit serviced. The technician will clean the unit, remove debris from inside, clean any necessary filters and make sure that the unit is turned off for the season. While it is possible for some homeowners to a bit of this work on their own, it is cost-effective to leave the work to a maintenance professional.

During the Winter Months

Make sure that the cover remains on the outdoor unit throughout the winter. Check the cover at least once a week, and remove any ice or snow that has built up on the cover. Check that the cover is still secure after each bad storm. If ice and snow are allowed to get into the machine, this can wreak havoc once the ice and snow begin to melt. This can lead to rust damage inside the air conditioning unit.

As temperatures begin to warm up again in the spring, it's time to clean around the unit once again. The debris built up over the winter will need to be removed, as this can make it hard for the air conditioning unit to work properly. The unit should be serviced by a professional, and filters changed, even though they were changed in the fall. To prevent emergency calls for air conditioning repair, it's important to have the machine serviced before the cooling season begins.

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