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Preparing Your Furnace for Winter in Cleveland

Preparing Your Furnace for Winter in Cleveland

Hiring a furnace service in Cleveland in early fall for a routinemaintenance check is one of the best ways to prepare your home forcooler temperatures. By starting early in the season, you can makesure your furnace is ready for winter long before the last-minuterush. A technician will be dispatched to your home to make sure yourfurnace is clean and in good repair so that when you need it to heatyour home, you will be ready.

Changing Furnace Filters

Filters keep the dirt and dust in the air from being collected anddistributed throughout your home by the furnace vents. However, ifthe filters are too dirty, the air flow will be blocked. It isimportant to change filters periodically to keep the furnace runningproperly. Your technician will change them for you if you have themon-hand when he is there. Buy them before your maintenance check forhim to change. At the time of your appointment, ask the technicianhow often you should change the filters for optimal performance. Thenmark the date on your calendar for the next change.

Checking for Leaks

In order for your furnace to operate efficiently, it needs to befree of leaks, clean and with all parts intact. The technician cantake apart the panels to check for any electrical issues, clean anydust that has gathered and look for leaks. Leaks waste energy andraise your energy bills. Replacing parts or repairing them at thetime of the visit will keep the house warmer for a lower cost. Thereare some parts of a furnace that can wear out over time. Yourtechnician will ensure that all of these parts are still in workingorder or will replace them. Once the maintenance check is complete,the technician will have you turn on your furnace to make sure itoperates properly. If you have a humidifier attached, that will alsobe checked. A leaky humidifier can overflow on the furnace causingproblems also.

Once winter begins, your furnace will be ready and waiting tostart up promptly and heat your home efficiently without anyglitches.



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