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Radiant Floor Heating Not Completely Maintenance Free

Radiant Floor Heating Not Completely Maintenance Free

Radiant floor heating has become a growing trend in homes wherepeople want to heat up a room from the floor. Since warm air risesand cold air falls, the purpose of radiant floor heating is toconstantly heat the lower air so there is a more even temperaturethroughout the room. People also enjoy radiant floor heating in roomsthat have cooler floor materials, such as tiles, to give a toastyfeeling to feet when walking across the surface. Since there is lessnoise from fans and running furnace units, people can enjoy a quieterenvironment while staying warm.

Two Types of In-Floor Radiant Heating

Homeowners have several different types of radiant floor heatingchoices available, such as hydronic heating and electrical heating.People should consider the costs, installation process and heatingrepair in Cleveland to decide on the right one for their needs.Hydronic floor heating relies on tubes placed underneath thesub-floor as hot water is pumped from the boiler and through thetubes. Electrical heating involves heating cables running through amat that is installed between the main floor and the sub-floor.Electricity is run through the cables as the created heat is pushesupward into the room.

Consider Common Repairs When Deciding On theRight Heating System

Unlike a furnace that is more accessible during maintenanceissues, heating repair in Cleveland for radiant floor heating can bea bit more complicated. Most of the problems may involve thermostatsthat could be malfunctioning or broken as these can be replaced alongthe wall. Other problems such as pilot lights, gas lines, and valvesfrom boilers will also require the evaluation of the system to trackdown the source of the problem.

If the radiant heating system is experiencing problems with theelectrical coils or water pipes within the mat that is sandwichedbetween the flooring and sub-floor, then the homeowner may need toremove the existing flooring to replace the defective section. Suchheating repair in Cleveland normally may not allow the homeowner toreinstall the flooring that had to be removed as that section, or theentire floor material in the room, will need to be replaced.

Having radiant floor heating may be the most viable option inkeeping a person's home warm. People should consider the benefits andmaintenance requirements of these systems to figure out whether it isthe best investment to make.


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