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Reasons to Call and Emergency Plumber in Cleveland, Ohio

Reasons to Call and Emergency Plumber in Cleveland, Ohio

When one own's a home, it is important to know when a plumbing problem is an emergency or whether it can wait until regular business hours. Emergency plumbing services will cost more money, and they aren't always necessary. If the leak isn't significant, or there isn't any water damage being caused, the plumbing issue can probably wait. If a pipe has burst in the basement and it is spewing water throughout, it's time to call an emergency plumber.

When A Drain Clog Can't Be Resolved

Clogged drains can wreak havoc on the plumbing system within a home. If the homeowner tries to unclog the drain with no luck, it's important to call an emergency plumber in to assess the problem. A clogged drain can be indicative of a clog in the main sewer line, and left untreated, the main sewer line can cause wastewater to back up in drains throughout the home. To avoid messy cleanups, get clogged drains fixed right away.

If a Pipe Bursts

Pipes can burst in the home for a number of reasons, and when one does, it's a plumbing emergency. A large amount of water can get into the home in a short period of time when there is a burst pipe, and this means that the repair needs to happen as soon as possible. If the pipes are frozen and susceptible to bursting, this is also a time to call in for an emergency repair. Pipes that become frozen because of frigid weather can cause broken pipes throughout the home.

When a Toilet Continues to Overflow

An overflowing toilet is more than just a mess, it can quickly become a health hazard. When it's impossible to get the toilet to stop flowing, the water that seeps over the edge and into the floor can be full of harmful bacteria. If a toilet isn't unclogged using basic home remedies, it's time to call a plumber for help.

If the Home is Flooding

Pipes can leak or burst anywhere in the home. If the ceiling is suddenly leaking water, it's time to call for help before there is a big mess. Water can quickly damage walls, ceilings, furniture and more, and a flood in the home is a plumbing emergency.

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