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Signs It's Time for AC Repair in Cleveland

Signs It's Time for AC Repair in Cleveland

What is that noise? Perhaps it sounds like a deep chugging, like the sound a car makes when it’s having bad mechanical issues. Maybe it’s more like a screeching or whining, not unlike that of an unhappy cat. So just what is that noise?

It’s the air conditioning unit in the backyard. It’s been making that noise for a while. However, as a homeowner, who can remember how old that thing is anyway? Surely it’s fine, right? It’s just been a hot summer and the AC has to work extra hard to cool the house. It’ll all be okay once autumn arrives, right?

Actually, wrong. By the time autumn arrives, the AC may be totally broken. No HVAC unit is meant to last forever, and especially without maintenance, the air conditioner’s days may be numbered. That’s the last thing a homeowner wants to hear in the dead of summer, but that’s one of the first signs they need to call a Cleveland air conditioning repair company. Here are some others.

The homeowner remembers cranking on the AC about an hour ago, but the house is still awfully warm. What gives? If the unit is being especially noisy as it turns on and off, it’s no surprise it’s taking longer to adequately cool the house. Whether because of age or lack of maintenance, something needs to change or the AC is probably going to break before the kids are back in school.

Maybe a homeowner is dealing with a different issue. Maybe their AC only kicks on sometimes. The rest of the time, it just makes noise but doesn’t do anything. If a local repair company has been out to the house more than once in the past couple of years, either it’s a faulty unit or it needs some serious repair. It may also be time to think about upgrading.

Speaking of upgrading, this question bears repeating: just how old is the air conditioner, anyway? These units are not designed to last forever. If the AC has been there as long as the homeowner has lived at the house, and that’s been nearly 10 years, it’s definitely time for a replacement. Even if it hasn’t been that long, if the air conditioner is noisy or not working at its best, a replacement is often the wisest investment.

While a replacement can be pricy, these do save the homeowner money in the long run. Newer units are more energy-efficient, which lowers energy bills each month.

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