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Spring Cleaning Checklist for a Healthy Home

Spring Cleaning Checklist for a Healthy Home

When the weather starts getting warmer, it’s time to start yourspring cleaning. Spring cleaning is an important step toward ahealthy, clean home.

1. Get a Duct Cleaning

Your home’s air ducts are where dirt, dust, mold and allergenshide. Dirty air ducts can cause a host of allergy symptoms becauseair that flows through your home travels through your air ducts. Ifthey are dirty, whatever particles are in the ducts are spewed outinto your home’s breathing environment.

2. Clean Window Air Conditioner Filters

Window air conditioning units come with a small reusable filterthat needs to be cleaned at the beginning of the season and twice amonth during the season. To access it, pop open the small hinged dooron the front of the unit. You’ll see a small mesh filter that isremovable. Rinse it under a kitchen faucet or hose it down outside toclear out the dust.

3. Schedule a Furnace Maintenance Visit

Spring is a good time to schedule a furnace maintenance visitbecause you don’t need to use it at this time. Your HVAC technicianwill change the filter for you, run an efficiency test on the unit,and take care of any heating repair in Cleveland that needsto be done. If you find that you need a new furnace soon, you’llhave the rest of the summer to save up for it.

4. Hang Lighter Curtains

Take down your winter thermal drapes and hang lighter versionsthat will let the summer breezes into your home. Bring your wintercurtains to a dry cleaner. They have likely trapped household dust,and dander if you have pets, and you won’t want to reintroduce thatback into your house come winter time.

5. Steam Your Carpets

Carpet fibers trap all manner of dirt and mud during the fall andwinter months. Steam cleaning releases trapped dirt so your carpet’spile can look almost new again. You can either rent a carpet steamerand cleaner from a supermarket, or opt for a commercial service tocome in and do your whole house. The benefit of using a commercialservice is that they usually have a package price where they willsteam clean all your upholstered furniture as well.

After you finish your spring cleaning checklist you and yourfamily can breathe easier knowing that you have a fresh, clean home.


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