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Staying Cool While Waiting for Emergency A/C Repair

Staying Cool While Waiting for Emergency A/C Repair

There's never a good time for the A/C to stop working, but sometimes are definitely worse than others. For example, if it goes outon a somewhat-warm morning, the residents of the house aren't likelyto be nearly as bothered as they would be if it was a 100-degreeafternoon. This is one of the reasons why heating and coolingcompanies offer emergency air conditioning repair in Cleveland.

What Can be Done to Cool the House While Waiting forEmergency A/C Service?

Calling for emergency service will get the serious cooling runningas quickly as possible, but even so, something usually needs to bedone in the meantime. In most cases, the best thing to do is open allof the windows. At the very least, open ones on both sides of theroom or house so that there is cross-ventilation and breezes can passthrough.

For extra power, put a fan in a window. Which way the fan facesisn't that important. If it blows outward, it'll pull hot air to theoutdoors while sucking cooler air in from the other end of the roomor house. Face it the other way to blow outdoor air directly into theroom.

Putting a big bowl of ice in front of an inward-blowing fan is anold trick. It works, but melts the ice very quickly. Therefore, thissystem is only good if the wait will be just an hour or two.

Should Anything Else be Done?

The main thing to do in preparation for an emergency A/C repairvisit is to make sure that the unit is fully accessible. Clear anystored items away from the interior part of the unit so thetechnician can get to it and have plenty of room to work. Outside,make sure that saplings or weeds haven't grown up to the point thataccess to the compressor is blocked. Chop down any such growth thathas appeared since the last time the unit got a serious look.

In most cases, that will be the only preparation needed. Once thetechnician comes, expect to be asked to describe the problem even ifit was already described to the dispatcher. This will ensure that itis well-understood and help the technician zero in on the problem.Soon, the A/C will be working again and comfortable temperatures willbe restored.

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