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Stop Seasonal Allergies This Summer

Stop Seasonal Allergies This Summer

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you may be dreading theupcoming summer season. But there’s no need to suffer. Take stepsnow to stop seasonal allergies this summer.

1. Keep Your Windows Closed.

Airborne allergens like pollen and spores enter your livingenvironment through open windows. If you keep your windows closedduring the summer, you’ll be able to prevent most of it from comingin. Make sure that the seal around your windows is intact. If younotice a gap after you close it, you can use a foam removable gasketto seal it.

2. Take Your Shoes Off at the Door.

The other way that allergens enter your home is on the soles ofyour shoes. These particles can become airborne or get trapped incarpet fibers and on household textiles. Make a household rule forall family members to remove shoes when they enter the home. Providean area such as a shoe tree or basket for guests to leave their shoeswhen they visit.

3. Change Your HVAC Filters on a Regular Basis.

Heating and air conditioning unit filter should be replaced on amonthly basis. These filters act like traps for airborne allergens.If the filter gets so clogged that it cannot work efficiently,allergens are released into your house. If you aren’t sure how tochange your filters, contact your heating contractor. They can showyou where the filter is housed, what size to purchase, and how toinstall the new filter.

4. Maintain Your A/C Unit.

Your air conditioner system can be your best friend when it comesto keeping pollutants out of your home. To ensure that you won't becaught off guard and need emergency air conditioning repair inCleveland, invest in a routine maintenance plan. This will pay foritself with the peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning unitis in peak performance mode.

5. Use a New Vacuum Bag Every Time You Use It.

When you vacuum, allergens that may have become stuck to yourcarpet or floors are sucked up into the vacuum. If you don’treplace your vacuum bag each time, the allergens could escape and youcould be making your allergen problem worse. Change your vacuum bageach time you use it to help ensure an allergen-free home.

6. Use a Dehumidifier.

If you live in a region with high humidity, you might considerusing a dehumidifier. These help to remove excess moisture in theair, which can make it easier for allergy sufferers to breathe.Dehumidifiers also reduce any mold growth, which is also a commonallergen in the home.

7. Stop Spreading Dust Around.

When you dust, often you are just moving dust around and addingmore particles into the air. Instead, vacuum surfaces with anappropriate vacuum attachment. If you still want to polish furnitureafterward, use a microfiber cloth that will attract and retain anyremaining dust particles.

8. Use mattress and pillow protectors.

Mattress and pillow protectors are designed to help make your bedand pillows last longer. But they are convenient for allergysufferers because they are removable and washable. Launder them indetergent and hot water at least once a week to remove dust mites.

9. Have your air ducts cleaned.

The surfaces of your home’s air duct system collect dust, dirtand debris just like the other surfaces of your home. Have themcleaned by a certified HVAC technician on a regular basis to reduceairborne allergens.

10. Bath pets regularly.

Pet dander is a leading cause of allergy symptoms. A regularbathing routine will get your pet used to water, and cut down ondander. Consider making your dog or cat an indoor pet only.

These steps will keep your seasonal allergy symptoms from gettingthe best of you this summer. 

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