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The Things People do to Their Plumbing Systems

The Things People do to Their Plumbing Systems

People often sabotage the plumbing in their homes, andunfortunately don't realize it until they've done damage. In manycases, it's the drains and sewer lines that fall victim to the badhabits the home dwellers persist in; careless practices that lead toblockages and overflows. The following practices may seem innocent,in themselves, but if practiced over time, are the usual suspects inthe need for a call to the plumber.

Shampooing Hair

Whether one washes her hair in the shower, tub, or kitchen sink,hair gathers in the pop-up. Over time the hairs find their way intothe drain where they gather and build up until completely blockingit. Danger signs include slow draining, gathered pooling in the tubor sink, and in a worse case scenario, overflows. To avoid this,everyone who lives in the dwelling needs to clean out the pop-upafter each shampoo, or better yet, the homeowner should install adrain cover that lets water through, but traps hair. Although thistoo requires cleaning after each use, the process is less odious.

Food Scraps

People who fail to thoroughly scrape food scraps off dirtydishes and into the garbage before washing them, arelooking for a drain problem. Even if they clean the sink afterwashing the dishes, food scraps have a way of slipping down thedrain, and like hair, gathering  there, waiting toaccumulate in large enough numbers to cause a blockage. Meanwhile thefood rots and causes noxious and unhealthy odors. Using a sinkstrainer in the drain will work towards  alleviating theproblem.

Oils and Grease

The oil and grease left over after frying should never be poureddown the drain. eventually they will solidify and find their way intothe sewer trap or main line where they will cause an overflow ofsewage. Instead, grease and oil should be scraped or poured into adisposable container and thrown out with the garbage.

Flushing Absorbent Materials

A common mistake many people persist in, is flushing itemsdesigned to absorb liquids and moisture down the toilet. Inother words they try to flush the unflushable; disposables likebaby wipes, diapers, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products.These products  may be marketed as disposable, but the intendedreceptacle of disposal is the trash bin, not the toilet. Whereas ittakes a while for hair to accumulate and become a problem, problemsstemming from flushing diapers and paper towels tend to manifestthemselves right away, resulting in a need for emergencyplumbing service in Cleveland.

Whether one rents or owns a home, avoiding these habits that mayseem like a timesaving shortcut at the moment can avoid thedisruption, expense, and unhealthy effects that come with a blockageor overflow.

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