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There's No Time Like Spring for an Air Conditioner Wake Up Call

There's No Time Like Spring for an Air Conditioner Wake Up Call

Not so long ago, air conditioners were considered a luxury.Now it's a catastrophe should an AC unit cease to function, and afull blown emergency if the catastrophe occurs during the dog days ofAugust. In order to avoid such a heated situation, the prudenthomeowner takes time to get to know his air conditioner when it'swell so he can trouble shoot if it's under the weather or call for acrepair in Cleveland if  it's seriously ailing. He also has thewisdom to know the difference

Wake up 

Once the temperatures rise and the heating system will no longerbe needed it's an opportune time to put the air conditioner through atrial . The first step is to step back and observe its on/off cyclein this early relaxed state, before it's in constant demand. If theunit fails to come on, it may be as simple as a thrown circuitbreaker. It may even be that the thermostat needs a new battery.

If it the unit cycles on too often,  the thermostat may be inneed of re-calibrating. If after calibration, it's still over eager,the culprit may be a coolant leak. Since an air conditioner is aclosed loop system with freon being re-circulated through coil,s andthe condenser system evaporating the moisture the coils collect, aleak is a problem beyond the realm of trouble shooting, and one whichneeds to be seen to by a licensed air conditioning technician.

Listen Up

Spring is time to get reacquainted with the normal sounds that theair conditioner emits. Most homeowners will instantly recognize theold sounds from the previous summer, but if any new ones have arisen,it's time to call for help. Squealing may indicate, just as it wouldin a car, that the belt is slipping. If it's a direct drive unit,something may be a amiss with the air handler. 

Mop Up

If once it's started up, the unit begins to leak water, thecondenser coil unit may be plugged by debris, insects, or even animalwaster that has found its way in over the winter. When this happens,the condenser can no longer breathe and exhale moisture out throughthe exhaust vents. Thus the moisture it has inhaled collects in theunit and when it reaches a critical mass, spills into the house.Scheduling a spring cleaning and tune-up will take care of this aswell as any unwanted surprises that  may heat up in peak season.

Warm Up

If warm air is coming out instead of cool, it's a no brainer thatsomething's wrong. The most common problem is a coolant leak, whichas noted above, should not occur in a closed loop system. It couldalso be a case of a blocked condenser or other respiratory problem.No matter which, it's not going to get better and spring is a bettertime for it to discover and get it repaired than when temps are inthe triple digits and AC repair companies are jammed up with calls.


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