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Tips to Get More Value From an AC System

Tips to Get More Value From an AC System

People with an older AC system may have been advised to replace it with a new and more energy-efficient model. There's no doubt that new Energy Star air conditioners work more efficiently. During the hottest summer months, the idea of lower power bills might be attractive. At the same time, the best air conditioners may be more expensive to buy and install. It might help to gather some ideas to keep that older AC system functioning at its peak.

How to Make an Older AC System Work Better 

Routine Maintenance

Local companies that perform AC repair in Cleveland usually offer routine maintenance services for a fairly modest charge. People who haven't had their own AC system serviced for over a year can probably benefit from this kind of checkup and routine maintenance. It's better to schedule this during off-peak times of the year when companies aren't that busy.

During the early spring, many of these companies run specials on this kind of service to keep their techs busy with work. For a reasonable amount, it's worth it to make sure that the AC is in good repair, clean, and not likely to break down in July or August. If the system does need a repair, this also gives the homeowner a chance to plan for the bill before it gets really hot.

Change Air Filters Regularly 

Dirty air filters make an air conditioner work harder than it needs to. That means that clean filters are especially critical for an older system. Changing filters frequently may also help improve air quality inside of the home.

Cheaper, 1" filters should be replace monthly, while some of the more efficient, accordian style filters (typically around 4") should be replaced at least once per year, typically, twice a year.  In Cleveland, it's usually best to change these filters before heating season and before air conditioning season.  

Frequency of when to replace a filter will depend on whether you constantly circulate air even when the thermostat is not calling for heating or cooling. This will help filter and clean the air better, but the flipside is changing filters more frequently.

When is it Time to Replace the AC? 

If the costs of repairs start mounting, it might be time to replace the system. It is an investment, but a more comfortable house and lower power bills can help offset it.


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