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Top Reasons a Furnace Runs Constantly

Top Reasons a Furnace Runs Constantly

Those whose furnaces seem to have been working well enough may wonder what they need to think of service for. It turns out that many people need service even though their heating systems fire up when the thermostat tells them to. Here is a big sign that it's actually time for furnace service in Cleveland:

The Furnace Never Shuts Off in the Winter

In this case, that "never" is a literal term. Once the weather gets cold, the furnace starts running – and keeps on running all the way until summer. If it didn't act this way when it was new, this condition is a sure sign that the furnace has become inefficient for some reason. Rather than accepting this as an inevitable result of the machine's age, consider these three possible reasons for the change:

Number one is always check your filter first.  Typically once a month is more than enough. Now you may not always have to replace it when you check it, but on the chance that you do, your furnace will run a whole lot better and deliver a lot more air to your living spaces.

Number two, it may be as easy as a tune-up.  The more points covered in the tune-up the better your equipment will run and the safer your family will be.

Lastly, recognizing and fixing any problems the furnace might have that doesn't allow it to shutoff, or almost never shuts off.  Repairs will more usually pay for themselves in reduced utility bills. Not only will the gas bill drop, but the electricity bill will as well. This is because it takes electricity to power that always-running blower motor. Fix the problem now, and next winter will bring the reward of these lower bills!

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