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What Causes the Need for Emergency Plumbing Services?

What Causes the Need for Emergency Plumbing Services?

Many people visualize faucet connections spraying water up in adramatic, geyser-like fashion when they think of what would causethem to call for emergency plumbing service in Cleveland, but this israrely the situation that actually results in such service requests.While that certainly would qualify as an emergency, water problemsare often deceptively undramatic. Here are some of the more likelyscenarios involved:

Water is Coming Out of Something it Shouldn't

Water leaks are common, but usually don't happen in a way fit forcomedy shows. Instead, someone will suddenly notice a puddle of wateraround a fixture like a faucet or toilet base. Alternatively, thefloor may become wet for no obvious reason. When the water source istracked down, it'll turn out that a drain is leaking or theconnection between a pipe and a fixture is starting to give way.

Of course, some water leaks are of the sort that spray everywhere.This occurs when there is high pressure in the affected conduit andthe leak is big enough to allow higher volumes of water to leave.While the kitchen faucet scenario is the famous one, this is reallymore likely to happen with pipes. The problem is often detected bythe sound of the water hitting a wall or other barrier.

In any case, the first step for dealing with a water leak is toshut off the water to the affected pipe. If it's a drain that'sleaking, the sink or toilet shouldn't be used. Then, call a plumberto fix the problem in a permanent way.

Sewage is Backing Up

There's no missing this nasty problem! It can, however, besurprising in how it appears. Often, instead of backing up throughthe toilet, it will come out through a drain or drains on the lowestlevel. This indicates a problem with the main sewage outlet from thehouse or building. A plumber can clear the blockage with a variety oftools. Which ones will be used will depend on the expected nature ofthe clog. Plumbers' snakes and powered augers are common choices.

Minor Drains are Blocked

Since these drains are the first to be exposed to clog-causingmaterials, they're usually the ones that result in calls foremergency plumbing service. Fortunately, the plumber has the exacttools needed to fix clogs quickly. Calling one in for blocked drainscan save residents much frustration and prevent messes.

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