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What to Do Before Calling for Emergency AC Repair

What to Do Before Calling for Emergency AC Repair

When the A/C suddenly stops working, it's easy to think of callingfor emergency air conditioning repair in Cleveland. What often slipspeople's minds is that there may be other things that need to be doneto ensure the fastest possible repair. Here are some key things thatshould be done before picking up the phone:

Grab the Make and Model of the Unit

One of the first things that the repair service's receptionistwill ask is what kind of air conditioner the caller has. The make ofthe unit and its model number are exactly what the company needs toknow. If the model number can't be found, at least have the make andthe approximate year it was made. This information makes it easy tostock a truck with the parts that are most likely to fit.

Clear a Path to the Unit

If the indoor part of the unit is in a place that has becomeblocked with junk, clothes, or furniture, a clear path will need tobe created. Do this in advance or else the technician may charge forthe time he waits for this to happen. In the worst-case scenario,he'll just leave and say to call back when the unit is accessible.Inaccessible units are common when they're in basements, nearclosets, or in other areas that are easy to ignore on a day-to-daybasis.

Outdoors, be sure that bushes, wild brush, and tall weeds won'tstop the technician from being able to reach the external aspect ofthe system. Also, be sure to fill up any holes or other hazardssomeone who doesn't live at the house won't expect.

Be Prepared to Describe the Problem

The breakdown of an air conditioner sometimes causes panic. Beforecalling, take some deep breaths and then really think about what themachine is (or isn't) doing. Consider any odd sounds, whether or notthe A/C is blowing hot air, whether it's blowing at all, and otherdetails. The receptionist will almost surely ask for these facts.Then, make a point of keeping all of those details in mind. When thetechnician arrives, he'll almost surely ask for a repeat. Answeringclearly and concisely will help speed diagnostics.

When all of these things are taken care of in advance, thetechnician will be able to get right to work after arriving. Soon,the system will be up and running again!

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