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Who to Call for That Nasty Late Night Pipe Leak? An Emergency Plumbing Service in Cleveland

Who to Call for That Nasty Late Night Pipe Leak? An Emergency Plumbing Service in Cleveland

It’s the middle of the night. It’s also the middle of the week, so everyone has to be up bright and early tomorrow for work and school. Suddenly, while the family is having sweet dreams, there’s this odd noise, like a hissing. Then it grows in volume and changes, more like a gushing sound now. Soon there’s the telltale flooding water, rushing through the bathroom and down the hallway.

No, this isn’t a bad dream. Unfortunately, it’s reality. A pipe burst in the middle of the night, and brings with it lasting cosmetic damage to the home. If the water seeps into the carpet, waterlogging it, this will have to be torn out and replaced. If the water gets below the carpet to the hardwood flooring, this could warp and bend the floorboards, weakening them. There’s a small chance the upstairs could collapse.

Then there’s the wreckage in the bathroom. This space may be overflowing with backed-up toilet or sink water. That means it will have to be gutted. How did this happen? What should be done?

In situations like these, it’s helpful to have the phone number of an emergency plumbing service in Cleveland, Ohio. These repair people may have special hours and be available 24/7 so they can come out and help as needed. They’ll assess and contain the damage and replace the offending pipe.

As for how something like this could happen, the reasons are multiple. Pipes, while built to last, aren’t designed to last an eternity. These get old, they get rusted, and they get weak. When that happens, it only takes one little hiccup for the pipe to finally give in and break. That leads to the abovementioned scenario.

How can a homeowner prevent this mess? Pipes need to be inspected at least annually. Most companies that offer emergency plumbing services can also take care of this. If the pipe needs to be repaired or replaced, this is typically when that will happen. Of course, if a pipe springs a leak, it can be expensive to get this fixed. It can be even more expensive to get it replaced. However, in the long-run, this is far cheaper than having to fix the whole bathroom and other rooms in the house because a pipe burst and flooded out the home.

If a homeowner can’t remember the last time they’ve taken a look at their pipes, it’s long since time. Contact a plumbing company in the area today.

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