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Ductless Systems for Boiler Heated Homes

Efficient, flexible solutions for comfort where you want it, when you want it.

American Standard ductless systems use variable-speed inverter technology.  This allows the compressor to continually modulate and adjust to the most efficient speed to meet your demands...saving you money!

The variable-speed inverter technology used in American Standard ductless systems is up to 35% more efficient than a conventional single-speed compressor.

Higher EER/COP levels allow you to reach the desired temperature quickly without sacrificing you electricity bills.

Reliable Comfort, Precise Control.

Our ductless systems deliver the reliability you expect..And they also come with the innovative features that ensure precision control for maximum efficiency, economy, and comfort!

Single-Zone Systems

The single-zone ductless system controls one room or zone by connecting one outdoor unit to one indoor unit.  A perfect heating and cooling solution for isolated zones in your home, one room additions or garages.

Multi-Zone Systems

 The multi-zone systems provide greater flexibility when designing a comfort system for your home.  One outdoor multi-zone unit can support up to five indoor units with separate temperature zones.  These units provide the benefits of a zoning system without adding costly zoning hardware of ductwork.  Indoor units can be added later to unused ports as your system expands with your needs! And since each unit only operates when needed, your multi-zone system can save energy and cut cost while keeping you comfortable!