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Automatic Standby Generators

Imagine your home without power

While more families have chosen a Generac home standby generator they didn’t do it for the same reasons. What would happen to your house and what would your family miss during a power outage?

  • Food spoilage in refrigerator/freezer
  • No heat, frozen pipes without your furnace
  • No cooling, too hot without air conditioning
  • Flooding because sump pump is out
  • Medical equipment, stair lifts without power
  • No lighting inside and out
  • No clothes washer or dryer
  • ...the list goes on with convenience items like TV, internet, home computers, garage door opener

How does an electric standby generator work?

If your power goes out, your generator comes on—automatically. It’s really that simple!

The generator system consists of a generator and transfer switch that is connected to your service panel. The generator sits outside of your home just like a central air conditioner, while the transfer switch is located next to the main breaker box.

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