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Review these outstanding air conditioning systems and call us so we can schedule an appointment to match one of these top performing AC units to your needs. They can make your Cleveland home a cool, inviting oasis all summer long. Our air conditioning service technicians are some of the most knowledgeable installation specialists in Northeast Ohio. When you need to update your cooling system, call Gorjanc Comfort Services at (440) 449-4411. We guarantee your satisfaction. Our air conditioning systems will ensure that you’ll feel great in your home every day this summer, while enjoying the best in energy-efficiency.

Platinum Series Air Conditioners

   AccuComfort Platinum 20, AccuComfort Platinum 18

  • American Standard Platinum air conditioners offer the highest combination of performance, efficiency, and temperature control.
  • AccuLink communicating control board maintains consistent comfort and efficiency by powering the compressor and controlling the communication between all components of the system.
  • Duration variable speed compressor automatically makes constant, minute adjustments to avoid temperature swings in your home.
  • Variable speed fan motor adjusts speed based on cooling requirements for higher efficiency and quieter operation.

Gold Series Air Conditioner

    Gold 17

  • Gold Series air conditioners feature:
  • Propriety Spine Fin Coils
  • Duration two-stage compressors
  • Efficiency that keeps you energy smart and comfortable in even the hottest weather

Silver Series Air Conditioners

    Silver 16, Silver 14, Silver 13

  • An unbeatable combination of value and reliability.
  • Proprietary Spine Fin Coils
  • Duration single-stage compressors
  • Providing powerful cooling with the reliability you expect from American Standard.

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