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  • What Are VOCs?

    The term “VOCs” is showing up more and more in conversations and articles these days. What exactly are VOCs? It is an abbreviation for “Volatile Organic Compounds.” VOCs are chemical compounds which evaporate and disperse easily at room temperatures.   Read More...

  • 10 Ways to Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

    Healthy Home Checklist for Clean and Fresh Air Store volatile chemicals and cleaning products outside the home Keep pet beds and litter boxes away from heating and cooling system vents Run your heating and cooling system blower when vacuuming and keep vents unobstructed to keep airborne particulates from settling Change your furnace filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations Healthy Home Checklist for Humidity Control Always run your bathroom fan during and after showering Run your h...  Read More...

  • Home Energy Audit Can Save on Natural Gas Bills and Upgrades

    Dominion East Ohio Offers It for $50 and Gives Rebates on Repairs The Home Performance With Energy Star program is a valuable resource for homeowners looking to save energy dollars now and into the future. It does this by having a certified auditor perform a series of tests to your home to determine where you are leaking energy dollars through poorly insulated ceilings and walls, or leaking energy dollars through cracks, hidden holes or chases in your homes construction. A chase is a chute that ...  Read More...

  • Happy Holidays!


  • Where does your Water IQ rank?

    1. Which of the following uses less water? a) taking a five minute shower b) taking a bath 2.   Read More...

  • Kitchen Sink Drain Basics

    Why is it that we can throw everything but the kitchen sink at a problem...but what happens when the problem IS the kitchen sink? More specifically, the drain in the kitchen sink. When the drain backs up, so do dishes, meals and blood pressure!   Read More...

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