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Water Purification Systems

Reverse Osmosis

Increased concerns over the quality of the world’s drinking water has caused growing concern for water treatment products. In response to this demand, the Microline® Drinking Water Systems was developed. Microline Drinking Water Systems are available in a variety of configurations. Whether it’s countertop, under-counter, single or multiple stage, Microline incorporates a variety of technologies including:

  • Water ConditioningReverse Osmosis
  • Ceramic filtration
  • UV disinfection
  • Activated carbon
  • Sediment filtration
  • Lead reduction
  • Iodinated resins


Having a difficult time maintaining your water purification or water filtration system? Call Gorjanc Comfort Services for maintenance of your system today. Bring it back to it’s designed capacity and performance.

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The Hardness Story

Almost all water contains dissolved rock, therefore the question is not “Is your water hard?” but “How hard is your water?” The Water Quality Association classifies hardness as follows:


Grains Per Gallon

 Soft  Less than 1 gpg
 Slightly Hard  1 to 3.5 gpg
 Moderately Hard  3.5 to 7 gpg
 Hard  7 to 10.5 gpg
 Very Hard  Over 10.5 gpg

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