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4 Maintenance Tips for Gas Furnaces

Although gas furnaces are a welcome addition to any home in serious need of heating, it’s important for homeowners to remember that these units don’t exactly maintain themselves. By periodically cleaning, checking, and maintaining their gas furnace, homeowners reduce the need for the services of a professional furnace technician, which can save them a significant amount of money in the long run.

Safety First

Before anything else, it is important for homeowners to take the proper safety measures when working on maintaining their gas furnaces. Gas furnaces can strike a flame anytime, and homeowners don’t want to be near the appliance when that happens. The first step is to make sure that the power system of the furnace as well as any circuits that connect to the furnace are effectively turned off. Next, homeowners should verify that there are no gas leaks around the working area. Gas leaks might appear as though they can be swiftly wiped off with a cloth, but these leaks are incredibly dangerous and should only be dealt with by a professional Cleveland furnace technician. Once the power is off and the coast is clear of gas leaks, homeowners can proceed to work on their gas furnace.

Tend to the Filter System

The filter system prevents any dirt from entering the furnace, making it a central part to the system’s overall functionality. Homeowners should monitor their furnace filters in order to determine how often they should be maintained and replaced. If the filter has accumulated enough dirt and dust to clog its pores, it should likely be replaced. Thankfully, these filters are extremely affordable. Periodic maintenance of a furnace’s filters can go a long way in preventing the unit from malfunctioning.

Clean the Vents

The ventilation systems inherent in gas furnaces can potentially become blocked due to the debris and dust that they process. It is important for homeowners to note the danger of blocked ventilation and seek to resolve the issue as soon as it is observed. All vents can be cleaned with a large, sturdy brush. Homeowners should remove the cover of the vents and clean the inside of the unit with a vacuum cleaner.

See if the Thermostat is Functioning

Sometimes a homeowner might think that their furnace is malfunctioning, when the thermostat is really the only issue with the system. If the thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature but the room doesn’t feel quite right, it might be a sign that the thermostat is in need of replacing, especially if it’s been in use for several years. Homeowners are encouraged to periodically verify their gas furnace thermostat’s functionality in order to determine whether or not it needs replacing.

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